Doroudzan Irrigation & Drainage Network Management Improvement studies Based on WUAs Empowerment &Enhancement

Narrative Description of Project

Doroudzan irrigation & drainage network with an area equal 54000 Ha, is located in the north of the Fars province and in among the Kor river basin. With the useful life is spent of the system and followed by the low efficiency of irrigation structures and equipment, for the raising network performance and evaluate its establishment, modernization and structural improvement and enhancement of operation and maintenance management, Carrying out studies for Ordibehasht canal management development of Doroudzan Network base on the empowerment and enhancement of WUAs, assigned to MGCE Co.

The specifications of the Ordibehesht canal as follows

· Gross coverage area in the Ordibehesht canal: 7685 Ha
· The number of WUAs: 7
· Length of the Ordibehesht canal: 22250 m
· Length of the main drainage: 1130 m
· Length of the other drains: 40900 m
· The number of Intake:10 (T15 to T24)

According to the project following items was conducted

· General situation, social and agricultural of the region
· Existing problems in the Ordibehesht canal downstream area
· The reasons for establishing WUAs and current terms of water user cooperatives
· Empowerment of the Ordibehesht canal WUAs by various Courses.
· Management organization of the Ordibehesht canal in improvement situation.
· Describe the financial sustainable system in among the Ordibehesht canal WUAs and base on various climate conditions (Drought, Wet & Normal years).
· Transferring method of the network management to WUAs.