Ghorveh - Dehgolan Plain Irrigation Development Studies

Narrative Description of Project

Ghorve-Dehgolan plain is located in east of the Sanandaj city and Kordistan province. Based on the existing situation studies is selected 108000 Ha of areas in this plain. Rich soil for agriculture with the least restrictions, skilled farmers, promoting agricultural mechanization and the use of sprinkler irrigation are factors appropriateness of the agricultural sector. However, the lack of water is a major limitation of Agriculture. The cropping pattern in this plain is included wheat, barley, Potato, alfalfa, canola & …. The studies of Ghorveh - Dehgolan Plain Irrigation Development conducted for the following objectives were defined. · The completion of the pre-feasibility studies
· Preparation of feasibility studies and planning for irrigation & drainage network
· Studies review of groundwater & artificial recharge
· Social studies, popular participation & farmer organizations empowerment in the irrigation network area
· Evaluation of the environmental effects in the irrigation development plain

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

Water allocated to irrigation network is approximately 260.8 MCM that will be provided from Jave& Azad dams. According to the water allocated only about 30,000-35000 hectares can be irrigated. So, 11 irrigation zones were considered that it placed in the Ghucham&Soural networks in 31000 ha areas. The factors considered in this selection as follows and final zone is selected by using Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM). · Irrigation methods & cropping pattern
· Pressure supply for the irrigation network
· Integration of land in the irrigation network location
· The proximity of the irrigation network to water resources
· Observance of the villages land border
· Appropriation of O & M for the Irrigation & drainage
· Investigation of general infrastructures and prevention intersection with irrigation networklayout
The main specification of the Ghorve-Dehgolan irrigation & drainage network is using elevation difference between the dams supplying water to the plain which eliminated the need for to use the pumping stations. The characteristics of irrigation & drainage network for the selected zones as follows:

Name of Zone Type of Irrigation Pipeline Length of Pipeline (Km) Capacity (M3/s) Pipe diameter (mm)
Ghucham Sprinkler DE-Main Pipeline 17.5 0.9-2.7 900-1600
Ghucham Sprinkler GH- Main Pipeline 35.06 2.2-8.3 1400-2600
Ghucham Sprinkler Primary 13.3 0.39-0.85 500-800
Soural Sprinkler DE1-Main Pipeline 28.7 1.4-2.3 1200-1400
Soural Sprinkler DE2-Main Pipeline 52.8 0.6-9 800-2600
Soural Sprinkler Primary 20.5 0.28-1.47 500-1200

Reports on the contract are prepared in various disciplines as follows: · Pre-Feasibility study
· Basic studies (such as, Geology & Borrows, Hydrometeorology, Hydrology)
· Agriculture, animal husbandry and agricultural economic studies
· Irrigation & drainage studies
· Environmental & social studies
· Economic Evaluation Plan
· Preliminary design of irrigation and drainage network