Drainage Basic Studies of the Soomar, Mehran and DehloranPlaines

Narrative Description of Project

The cities of Soomar, Mehran and Dehloran are located in Kermanshah and Ilam provinces, near Iran-Iraq boundary. Since the typical soil survey studies have limited information to use in land drainage studies, drainage basic studies have Carried out. Drainage basic studies, to determine the physical properties of soil, groundwater level fluctuations and the presence of a layer of impervious or semi-permeable soil to a depth of 6 meters and finally to investigate the possibility Swamp land and water to these areas under the project, in part from Swamp land of plains that are likely to have been carried out.As a result, vast layer of gravel, not observation of groundwater in depth of 6 meters in these areas' soil, indicated the drainage conditions of these areas' soil is fair and there is no necessity of subsurface drainage construction.

Item Type Soomar (729 Ha) Mehran (4686 Ha) Dehloran (13743 Ha) Sum
Soil Logging station 13 38 119 170
Hydraulic Conductivity station 13 38 119 170
Observation hole installation number 4 12 35 51
Water quality analysis sample 4 12 35 102
Soil gradation test sample 4 12 35 51