Construction Supervision of Subsurface drainage in the Dosaleq Plain (Unit 3)

Narrative Description of Project

The area of Unit-3 of Dosaloq plain is approximately 2000 ha and it is located in the north of Khuzestan province and west of Karkheh river. In this scheme Mahab Ghodss consulting Co. played the role as a supervisor on establishment of subsurface drainage system. The purposes are:
1- Water table control to establish a depth of the water table that does no longer interfere negatively with the farm operations and copy yields.
2- Soil salinity control and estimating the amount of leaching water
3- Development of the arable land in the project area all year round.
4- The increase in employment in the agricultural sector.

Description of actual services of basic drainage studies' items

The specification of the Unit-3 of Dosaloq drainage system as follows:
1- Revise design of subsurface drainage system
2- Establishment supervision of 156563 meter of subsurface drainage lateral (Diameter: 100 mm. U-PVC corrugated perforated drainage pipe with synthetic envelope)
3- Establishment of collector pipe:
1- 23240 meter (UPVC corrugated- Diameter: 200mm)
2- 15745 meter (PE Double- Diameter: 315mm)
3- 2824 meter (PE Double- Diameter: 400mm)
4- 1567 meter (PE Double- Diameter: 500mm)
4- Installation of 482 aboveground manholes
5- Installation of 44 outlet structures