Design of Minor Irrigation Network in the Garmsiri Basin

Narrative Description of Project

The first part of studied plains is located in theGarmsiribasin and Kermanshah province. The names of the plains are Ezgele, Zahab, Beshive&Ghale-Shahin, respectively and These plains area is about 5000 hectares. The climate of study area issemiarid temperate and an average of annual precipitation is about 500 mm.Quality of water used is suitable and the soil texture is medium to heavy. The cropping pattern is included 90% agricultural & 10 % horticultural crops. Farms Irrigation system is Sprinkler-Classic Fix (portable sprinklers) for the agricultural crops & drip irrigation for horticultural crops. Also, pressure supply for the purpose plains was conducted by designing pumping stations.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

· Preparation of inception report
· Investigation of the irrigated farms location based on cadastral maps, villageboundaries, waterways, roads& building & ...
· Design and preparation of drawing maps for the pumping stations
· Design and preparation of drawing maps for the tertiary& on-farm pipelines with the following characteristics:

Type of Pipeline Length of pipeline (Km) Diameter (mm)
Tertiary 520 160-355
On-farm 5300 16-125
· Preparation of BOQ, cost estimation and tender documents
· Population studies, characteristics of sociology and public participation in the irrigated farms based on cadastral maps
· Studies of exploitation system for the resources and agricultural products
· Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility studies and establishment of the WUAs within each of the plains

Reports on the contract are prepared as follows

· Monthly progress reports
· Principles of designing report for the on-farm irrigation network
· Final technical report
· O & M manual for the pressurized irrigation &drainage network
· Studies of economic, social, public participation, establishment and empowerment of the WUAs