Demarcation of riparian and riverbed of Sojasrood River in Up & Downstream of the Galabar Dam

Narrative Description of Project

Sojasrood river is located in the between KhodaAfarin&Ijrood cities in Zanjan province. The aims of study are demarcation of riparian & riverbed of the Sojasrood River & surveying needed in 55 Km length of the river. In this project determined riverbed based on flood discharge-return period of 25 years and according to the related regulations has been identified riparian based on quality Limitations of the river for protection of water resources. Also, the flood zoning studies determined the areas subject to river or stream flooding, and best planning on flood prevention were offered. The studies were carried out on two reaches of Sojasrood River in Zanjan Province: · Total Length of Studied Reaches: 55 Km
· Catchment Areas in the up & downstream: 40 Km2& 2027 Km2
· Average River Discharge at the beginning of the reach: 90 Lit/s
· Average River Discharge at the end of the reach: 4.11 m3/s
· Flood Discharge-Return Period of 25 years: 26-231 m3/s

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

· Field investigations for intervals erosion and sedimentation, Soil & vegetation covers, seizing on the riverbed &etc.
· Preparation of topographical maps
· Meteorological and Climatic Studies
· Carrying out basic studies such as Hydrology, Socio-Economic, Legal& …
· Basin Physiographic Studies
· Preparation of GIS-based data and maps for different disciplines
· Following the basic morphology studies, hydraulic calculations and stimulation of the river's current, a suitable mathematical model was used to determine the results of the model and flood zoning on the plan drawings of the project area with the using HEC-RAS software package
· Providing benchmarks location maps and its sections type
· Preparation of BOQ&tender documents for the benchmark fabrication includes 307 main & 607 minor benchmarks in the left & right of riverbank