Construction Supervisin of the Golestan Irrigation & Drainage Minor Network

Narrative Description of Project

The project area is located in rightbank of the Gorganrood river in the Gorgan province. The distance is 120 Km from project location to the Gorgan city. Annual average of the precipitation and tempreture are 366mm & 17.7C in the project location, respectively. The Golestan irrigation network have a lack and salinity of the growndwater resources. So, construction of the network and water supply was carried out and MGCE was supervised on the construction of the network and relevant structures.
Irrigation water of the Golestan network land is supplied through central pumping station from Golestan reservoir dam. Pipelines transmitted requirement water of the network in two canals known as B and C that canals have a length of 4.5 km. Canal B is divided to six sub-canal having 1.7 m3 water conveyance capacity and canal C is divided to 5 sub-canals having 5.2 m3 water conveyance capacity. Additionally, some of them form 3rd degree canals in length of 7.2 km. The main aims of the project were as follows:
1- Development & improvement of the agricultural area
2- Increasing of farmers income
3- Feed of aquifers, improvement of underground water quality and stabilizing of water table
4- Increasing of employment
5-Flood protection

Irrigation system characteristics

Gross area under irrigation (ha)


Length of main, primary & secondary canals (Km)


Number of Irrigation structures


Drainage system characteristics

Length of primary and secondary drain (Km)


Volume of major works

Excavation (m3)


Earthwork (m3)


Volume of gates (Kg)


Concrete of lining (m3)


Concrete of structures (m3)


Excavation for drainage canals (m3)



Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

- Planning Services, Determination of Work Performance Procedure and Progress Monitoring;
- Construction Supervision Engineering Services;
- Coordination, Construction and Provisional Take over Services;
- Quality Control and quality estimation Services;
- Cost Estimate, Control of invoices Payments resolving, Legal Affairs of Contracts Services;
- Supplementary / Miscellaneous Work Assignment.