Detailed Exact Soil Survey Orchard Land in the Givi Plain

Narrative Description of Project

The land plots intended for orchard, with an area of 3230 ha are located in the south of Ardebil province. In this soil survey (scale study: detailed exact) is carried out in purpose of potential soil resources to choose suitable land for orchard or farm patterns. Also, for optimum use of water and soil resources and choose between two products (grape and almond), land suitability study in the area was selected for orchard pattern is carried out.

Description of actual services of basic drainage studies' items

  • Interpretation of satellite images in order to initial determination of soil series in purpose of determining the drilling and digging locations
  • Field activities are as follows:
  • Profile and auger digging in standard distances
  • Description of soil profile
  • Soil and water sampling
  • Measurement of soil infiltration rate
  • Physicochemical analysis of soil and water samples
  • Determine the soil series and phases considering the climatic conditions of the region, The results of laboratory analysis of soil samples and description of soil profiles
  • Choosing of representative profile for each soil series
  • Soil classification (methods: U.S.D.A.Soil Taxonomy-2014, World Reference Base of Soil Resources-2014)
  • Land classification (gravity, rainy and pressurized irrigation)
  • Soil classification
  • Provide recommendations and solutions for soils rehabilitation