Supervision construction for Rehabilitation of the koorca irrigation networks

Narrative Description of Project

The Government of Albania with the policy of rehabilitation and modernization in Irrigation schemes of the agricultural sector, has receied a loan from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) toward the cost of rehabilitation of 7000 hectares of Korca Irrigation Project. This project is part of the Korca Plain Irrigation and Drainage Network in an area of about 25000 hectares located about 120 Kms south eastern Albania. The GOA intends to implement the rehabilitation project through Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MAF).

Existing Korca Irrigation Project (KIP) over an area of 7000 hectares farming land is owned by 5566 families with population of about 24426 that inhabit in 21 village of Korca Plain.

The major components of concerned Korca Irrigation and Drainage network are 56 kms. of Primay, and 181.5 Kms. of Secondary canals which require rehabilitation.

Korca Irrigation Rehabilitation Project (KIRP) at this stage will aim at repair and reconstruction of the following features:

  • 56 Kms Primary and 182 Kms Secondary canals most of which have been constructed without concrete lining.
  • 19 Kms Main drains which drain out the area of excess water during the wet season and supply some canals during the Irrigation period
  • Secondary drains which provide outlet to farm surface runoff and underground drains and are sedimented.
  • 10 Diversion and major structures and headworks, canal and drain structures and their hydromechanical gates and lifting devices.
  • Two pump stations which elevate water from canals in the plain to hill sides.
  • 25 Kms access roads.

The Consulting Services required for the project has two components:

  1. Preparation of detailed designs and tender documents.
  2. Construction supervision and quality control during project implementation.

Under IDB regulations for procurement of consulting services a shortlist of eight consultant companies has been prepared to whom Invitation for Proposals (IFP) have been forwarded.

Project  Location

The Korca Irrigation project is located in Korca plain 120 Kms. southeast of Tirana in an agricultural area of about 25000 hectares. The project area is bordering Macedonia on the north and Greece on the east. Lakes Ohird and Prespa are two lakes with fresh water located in north of Korca plain, and little Prespa is a lake south of lake Prepa which is mainly in Greece and extends into Korca  plain from west. Mountain surrounding Korca  Plain are Morave and Ithate on the east and Volamare and Ostrovice on the west and south.

Korca province is surrounded by the following provinces: Pogradeci on the north. Gramshi and GOrovoda on the west, Permeti and Erseka on the south and Bllishti on the west. A 180 Kms Road connects Korca to Tirana through Elbasan, Pogradec and Maliq from north. Another road from west connects Korca to Gramsh and Cerrik.

Summary Of Rehabilitation Works

The major components of the project to be rehabilitated have been summarized as follow:


Main canal                               56Kms

Main drain                               19Kms

Secondaries                             181.5Kms

Service Roads                           25Kms

Irrigation Structures

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

The main rehabilitation objectives of Korca irrigation and drainage project is improvement in water conveyance, delivery and distribution efficiencies through which more water resources could be made available to meet increasing need for irrigation water. In addition improvement in drainage of excess water due to precipitation and irrigation runoffs and deep percolation is envisaged. Facilitation of pumping stations and access roads for improving operation and maintenance of the system is also foreseen.

  • Improving Water Delivery Efficiency
  • Improving Water Conveyance Efficiency
  • Drainage Improvement
  • Providing Access