Maimeh Dam Project

Project Purpose / Layout

The purpose of the dam is to control the boundary streams and use them to develop the regional agriculture. The project consists of a storage dam with free spillway and a diversion culvert with two 6x6-m bays.

Geographic Location

The dam site is being built on the Maimeh River in the western drainage area (Garmsiri). It is situated 15-km northwest of city of Dehloran between 47o, 8.8' E longitude and 32o, 58' latitude.

Project History

ACE Company: The reconnaissance studies and comprehensive plan for exploiting water and soil resources of boundary Rivers in 1980.

Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company: Phase I study for exploiting water and soil resources of catchment of Maimeh River and Doiraj River in 1994.

Abron Zharf Consulting Engineers Company: The feasibility studies for building th storage dam on the tributaries of the Maimeh River in 2001.

Abron Zharf Consulting Engineers Company: Phase I study on the storage dam in 2001.

General Mechanic Company & Abron Zharf Consulting Engineers Company: EPC of the Maimeh storage dam in 2010.     

Technical Specifications of Project


Dam type

Earthfill dam

Dam height above foundation (m)


Dam crest length (m)


Dam crest width (m)


Dam body volume (m3)

8800 x 103

Total reservoir volume (m3)

72.8 x 106

Active reservoir volume (m3)

19x 106

Mean annual inflow (m3/s)



Type of spillway

Free spillway

Flood discharge capacity (m3/s)



Powerhouse type


Number of units


Design head (m)


Installation capacity (MW)


Mean annual generation (GWH)


Diversion System

Type of diversion system


Number of bays of diversion culvert


Length of diversion culvert (m)


Diameter of diversion culvert (m)


Discharge capacity of diversion system (m3/s)


Power Tunnel 

Length of power tunnel (m)


Diameter of power tunnel (m)


Water Conveyance Tunnel

Length of water supply tunnel (m)


Diameter of water supply tunnel (m)


Bottom Outlet

Discharge capacity of bottom outlet (m3/s)



Discharge capacity of irrigation intake (m3/s)


Discharge capacity of drinking water intake (m3/s)


Discharge capacity of power intake (m3/s)


Relocation Roads & Access Roads

Length of relocation roads (km)