Anuj Water Conveyance Tunnel Project

Project Purpose / Layout

The purpose of the water conveyance system is to convey 181x106 m3 water per annum from the tributaries of Dez to Kucheri and Dodahak water treatment plant in order to supply drinking water to cities of Qom, Khansar, Khmein, Golpayegan, Mahalat, Nimvar and Salafchegan and allocate some proportion of the conveyed water for industrial consumption and compensation of increasing water shortage in the cities where there is rapid population growth. The Rivers of Darreh Laku, Darreh Dozdan, Darreh Daei shall be conveyed to Qomrud catchment area by a tunnel (length: 35.7 km, diameter: 3.8, discharge capacity: 23 m3/s) consisting of four lots.

Geographic Location

The project area is situated in southwest of city of Aligoodarz in Lorestan province.

Input: X=377595.25        y=3677632.26        z=2058.7     

Output: X=409301.9          y=3694005.3     z=2011.25

Project History

In 1977 Ministry of Energy and Water Engineering Services Company signed a contract to supply drinking water to cities of Qom and Kashan in the framework of long-term and midterm emergency schemes. In 1980 a rider entitled "feasibility study" (phase I) was added to the contract to build a dam on the Qomrud River and to convey the water from the tributaries of the Dez River, and the study began in 1985. The detailed design study (phase II) began in 1989, but it stopped due to construction of the 15 Khordad dam.

Specific Characteristics of Project

Excavation by two TBMs on both sides

Technical Specifications of Project

Tunnel length (km)


Excavation diameter (m)


Final diameter (m)




Excavation method


Discharge capacity (m3/s)


Number of tunnel lots


Lining type