Bahmanshir Cellular Dam Project

Project Purpose / Layout

The purpose of the dam is to supply sustainable raw water, irrigate and drain the Abadan - Khorram Shahr Island due to decrease of the inflow rate into the Bahmanshir River and increase of the water salinity at the end reach of the Karun River.

Geographic Location

The dam site is situated near the village of Monikh, 300-m to the point where the Bahmanshir River branches off from the Karun River (Hafar trifurcation) in Khuzistan province, between 30o, 25', 49" longitude and 48o, 12', 48" latitude.

Project History

The saltwater intrusion into the Bahmanshir River from Persian Gulf was reported in 1925 for the first time. Water & Power Authority decided to assign the feasibility study (phase I) and detailed design study (phase II) to Soeco Consulting Company in 1967. Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company was selected as the assistant to Soeco to continue the studies. The feasibility studies were reported to the client by Mahab - Soeco in 1975. The result of the studies was a proposal for building 3 cellular dams and navigation lock on the Karun River and Bahmanshir River.

Specific Characteristics of Project

The first circular cellular dam upstream the Bahmanshir River