Hamidieh (Karkheh) Regulation / Diversion Dam Project

Project Purpose / Layout

The primary purpose of the dam has been to irrigate 1000 hectares of Hamidieh farmland and 2400 hectares of Ghodss farmland, but now it also divert and supply the water demanded by the irrigation and drainage network of Hamidieh, Ghodss and Zamzam farmland (18500 ha).

Geographic Location

The dam is on the Karkheh River, 35-km northwest of city of Ahvaz, Khuzistan province in Iran. The construction of the dam had begun in 1950. The dam had been operated in 1957.

Project History

Some proportion of the water resources is allocated to the Hamideih (Kakheh) regulation / diversion dam in compliance with construction of Karkheh storage dam and necessary allocation of the permanent regulated water resources to the downstream area. As no measure has been taken to study the stability control and rehabilitation of the Hamidieh dam since it has been operated, so the client and Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company signed a contract in this respect.

Specific Characteristics of Project

Although Hamidieh dam has been playing an important role in regulating and diverting the water to irrigate the downstream farmland, it no attention has been paid to it from operation aspect. So the studies on stability control and rehabilitation of the dam is regarded as a specific characteristic.

Technical Specifications of Project


Dam type

Concrete dam

Dam height above foundation (m)


Spillway length (m)


Dam crest width (m)


Total reservoir volume (m3)


Dam crest level (masl)


Mean annual inflow (m3/s)



Type of spillway

Gate spillway on dam body

Crest elevation of spillway ogee from foundation(m)


Flood discharge capacity (m3/s)



Powerhouse type


Number of units


Design head (m)


Installation capacity (MW)






Mean annual generation (GWH)


Diversion System

Type of diversion system


Number of diversion tunnel


Length of diversion tunnel (m)


Diameter of diversion tunnel (m)


Discharge capacity of diversion system (m3/s)


Power Tunnel 

Length of power tunnels (m)


Diameter of power tunnel (m)


Water Conveyance Tunnel

Total length of water conveyance system (m)


Number of water conveyance system


Length of water conveyance tunnels (m)


Diameter of water conveyance tunnels (m)


Bottom Outlet

Discharge capacity of bottom outlet (m3/s)



Discharge capacity of irrigation intake (m3/s)


Discharge capacity of drinking water intake (m3/s)