Jareh Dam & HPP


Jareh Dam & HPP Project is located in the southwestern hillsides of Zagros Mountain Range in Khuzestan Province (southwest of Iran) in about 35 km northeast of the city of Ramhormoz and in close proximity to the Village Jareh.


The irrigation and dam construction studies of Ramhormoz were awarded to Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. in 1983. In 1985, the reconnaissance studies entitled the irrigation plan of Ramhormoz were finished and the corresponding reports were submitted to the client in 16 volumes. The feasibility and detail design studies were also finished in 1989 and 1995 respectively. The project construction works were also commenced in 1996.


The main objectives of Jareh Dam & HPP are to supply irrigation water for Ramhormoz Plain, control floods and generate hydropower energy.

Specific Characteristics

Taking into consideration the high quality of the rock of the dam foundation and abutments, no grout curtain was designed/ implemented in the project

Project Specifications

Dam Type

Earth Fill with Clay Core

Dam Height Above Foundation

114 m

Dam Crest Length

740 m

Dam Crest Width

12 m

Dam Body Volume

6339000 m3

Reservoir Total Volume

268 MCM

Reservoir Useful Volume

222 MCM

Mean Annual River Discharge

7.6 m3/ sec.

Type of Spillway

Gated Chute

Flood Discharge Capacity

1987 m3/ sec.

Powerhouse type


Number of Units


Design Head

90 m

Installed Capacity

8 MW

Mean Annual Power Generation

40 GWh