Upper Gotvand Dam & Hydroelectric Power Plant


Upper Gotvand Dam & Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in Khuzestan Province (southwest of Iran) in about 25 km southeast of the city of Shushtar.


In 1993, the feasibility studies of Gotvand Dam & HEPP were carried out by the joint venture of Moshanir - CAITEC Co. and the detail designs of this project were done by this joint venture in 1997. Then, the supplementary studies as well as the construction supervision of Gotvand Dam & HEPP were awarded to Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. in 2002 and the construction activities of this dam were finished in 2011; then, the dam was impounded and the powerhouse units were brought into operation in 2012.


The main objectives of Gotvand Dam are to supply downstream irrigation water, control river inundations and generate hydropower energy.

Specific Characteristics

  • The highest embankment dams of Iran
  • The largest storage dam of Iran
  • Making use of a combination watertightening system of cut-off wall and grout curtain
  • The highest power generation capacity amongst the other hydropower projects of the country

Project Specifications

Dam Type

Rock fill with clay core

Dam Height Above Foundation

182 m

Dam Crest Length

760 m

Dam Crest Width

17 m

Dam Body Volume

31700000 m3

Reservoir Normal Operation Level

230 masl

Reservoir Volume at Normal Operation Level

4670 MCM

Type of Spillway

Gated Ogee

Flood Discharge Capacity

17500 m3/ sec.

Powerhouse type


Number of Units


Design Head

142 m

Installed Capacity

1000 MW

Mean Annual Power Generation

4250 GWh