Environmental Monitoring and Supervision in Geothermal Power Plant of Meshkinshahr

Geothermal Power Plant of Meshkinshahr is the first project in geothermal field in Iran and Middle East which is recognized as a national project in Clean Energy and Environment. This 6-year project is being carried out to monitor environmental changes in construction phase and to have intact reaction for avoiding environmental damage. This is one of the most comprehensive sophisticated projects in the world in relevant field which includes geothermometery, qualitative modeling of the river, qualitative-quantitative modeling of relation between geo-thermal reservoir and hot water springs and air pollution modeling. Different sampling stations in rivers, hot and cold springs, soil and air quality has been selected for each two-week and six month sampling respectively. Verification of sampling data is one of the major activities in the project. The ongoing monitoring of the chemical and physical status of the field will help to diagnose any change due to geothermal development in the sensitive restricted area.


This Environmental monitoring of geothermal power plant aims at:

  • Determination of different stations and parameters on Khiyavchai River, hot and cold springs, soil and air quality.
  • Sampling each two week and six month during the construction and operation of the geothermal wells

Determining the environmental effects of project by detecting the environment changes.

Description of Actual Services Provided by MGCE

Through an extensive environmental investigation and intense fieldwork and water quality sampling, MGCE examined the present condition and determined the water quality. The performed tasks by MGCE are summarized as follows:

  • Study of the existing condition of Khiyavchai basin on the base of ecology, erosion and social condition.
  • Providing seasonal report of special and temporal changes of chemical and physical parameters  determine environmental changes in river, springs, soil and air condition and comparing the data analysis with  Iran water quality standards.
  • Numerical modeling of surface water for prediction of water quality changes after operation of geothermal power plant
  • Performed statistical analysis of long-term environmental monitoring data
  • Wrote a comprehensive environmental management plan

Quality modeling of air parameters for prediction of water quality changes after operation of geothermal power plant