Integrated Water Resources Studies of Internal Basin of Gilan Province

Gilan Province is located in north of Iran bordering the Caspian Sea in the north. The objective of this project was to collect the run-off water draining into the Caspian Sea to be  transferred to the agricultural lands by two systems (east and west to the center), and to solve the problem of water shortage for agricultural lands. This study conducted in two main parts, the first one was basic studies and non-structure plans and the second one was the structure plans and the necessary countermeasures and prioritization of proposed plans.

 More than 100 sites of storage dams were identified. Then, 8 sites on 8 rivers were screened from 23 proposed sites. The summary of project is as follow:

  • Project area                                      14100 km2
  • Agricultural Lands                                                 240,000 ha
  • Water users                                                 250,000 people
  • Number of rivers in the project area                                                 52
  • Number of dams already constructed

and under construction                                                                        10

  • Number of proposed dam axes                                                 100
  • Number of selected dam axes for dam construction               8
  • Length of water transfer system

Including channel, tunnel and pipeline                                                    300 km

Structure and Non –structure Countermeasures in Sefidrood irrigation network