Dariyan Dam & HEPP


Dariyan Dam & HEPP is located in the vicinity of the village Dariyan in 25 km northwest of the City of Paveh and 150 km of the city of Kerman Shah.


The design and construction supervision activities of Dariyan Dam & HEPP were awarded to Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. in 2009 in the framework of a contract including the detail design and construction contract. The dam was impounded in 2015 and the powerhouse is under construction for the time being.


The main objectives of Dariyan Dam & HEPP are to convey water to the neighbor basins including the plains of Garmsiri Region through Nosoud Tunnel for irrigation purposes and supply the water right of the downstream area, flood control and generate hydropower.

Specific Characteristics

  • Making use of inclined impervious clay core in the dam body
  • About 11 m3 of earth filling for the dam body in about 3.5 years
  • Rehabilitation plan to save Bell Spring before impounding