Narmashir Storage Dam


Narmashir Storage Dam is located in Kerman Province in 80 km south of the city of Bam in Anjirak Village (between the longitude 57° and 58' up to 58° and 40' and latitude 28° and 30' up to 28° and 39').


The hydro-potential studies of the river Nesa were commenced by Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. in 1984. The reconnaissance reports presented by the consultant introduced axis 1, which is located in close proximity to the Village Anjirak, as the best technical/ economical alternative amongst the 4 points already considered on the River Nesa. Eventually, the client agreed upon the construction of a concrete face rock fill dam.


The main objectives of Narmashir Storage Dam are to supply the water right of the downstream area through trickle and hydro-flume irrigations, supply drinking water for the cities Bam and the surrounding villages, flood control and job creation.

Specific Characteristics

  • The first concrete face rock fill dam of the country
  • Curtain grouting without grouting gallery

Project Specifications

Dam Type

Concrete Face Rock Fill

Dam Height Above Foundation

111 m

Dam Crest Length

590 m

Dam Crest Width

10 m

Dam Body Volume

6,444,500 m3

Total Reservoir Volume

168 MCM

Mean Annual Inflow

210 m3/ sec.

Type of Spillway

Free Spillway

Flood Discharge Capacity

2900  m3/ sec.

Diversion System Type


Number of Diversion Tunnels


Length of Diversion System

1245 m

Diameter of Diversion System

6 m

Diversion System Discharge Capacity

790 m3/ sec.