Nosoud Water Conveyance Tunnel


The inlet of Nosoud Water Conveyance Tunnel is located 30 km north of the city of Paveh adjacent to the Village Hirvi and the tunnel outlet is located in 60 km of the City Sare Pol Zahab near to the Village Ezgeleh.


Nosoud Water Conveyance Tunnel is one of the oldest projects of the country. The project studies started in 1939. This project was awarded to Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. in 2010. The project includes 2 lots of Lot 1 and South Leyleh. The Lot 1 of Nosoud Water Conveyance Tunnel is divided into two lots of 1A and 1B.


The main objective of Nosoud Water Conveyance Tunnel is to transfers the water diverted from the River Sirvan to the downstream Plains.

Specific Characteristics

Lot South Leyleh: Intensive water seepage and gas, negative slope of the tunnel and excavation under water

Project Specifications

Tunnel Length (M)

Lot 1A: 13728

Lot 1B: 9000

South of Leyleh: 6000

Tunnel Section

Lot 1A: Circular

Lot 1B: Circular

South of Leyleh: Circular

Excavation Diameter (M)

Lot 1A: 5.27

Lot 1B: 6.12

South of Leyleh: 6.12

Final Diameter (M)

Lot 1A: 4.5

Lot 1B: 5.40

South of Leyleh: 5.40

Tunnel Slope

0.0008 (All Lots)

Excavation Method


Water Transfer Capacity (M3/ sec.)

Lot 1A: 35

Lot 1B: 70

South of Leyleh: 70

Elevation at the Beginning (masl)

Lot 1A: 617.31

Lot 1B: 639.43

South of Leyleh:

Elevation at the End (masl)

Lot 1A: 624.65

Lot 1B: 634.13

South of Leyleh:

Lining Type

Lot 1A: Tetragonal Segment

Lot 1B: Hexagonal Segment

South of Leyleh: Hexagonal Segment

Average Daily Excavation Rate

Lot 1A: 15.89

Lot 1B: 9.81

South of Leyleh: