Panzdah Khordad Dam


Panzdah Khordad Dam is located in 80 km southeast of the city of Qom in Abbass Abad of Delijan and on the River Qomrud.


The supplementary studies of Panzdah Khordad Storage Dam were commenced in 1986. The dam construction duration was 48 months as per the contract. The dam useful life is 50 years and its basin area is 10250 km2.


The main objectives of Panzdah Khordad Storage Dam are to make use of surface runoff of the River Qomrud, supply drinking water for the city of Qom (about 40 MCM per annum) and supply downstream irrigation water for about 8000 ha of farmlands existing in the margin of the River Qomrud.

Specific Characteristics

  • The first fuse plug constructed in the country
  • Construction of a long dyke with a length of 1350 m in the right abutment
  • Grouting in a highly karstified terrain
  • Considerable excavation in alluvium for dam foundation

Project Specifications

Dam Type

Earth Fill with Clay Core

Dam Height Above Foundation

96.8 m

Dam Crest Length

320 m

Dam Crest Width

10 m

Dam Crest Level

1448.8 masl

Dam Body Volume

2,000,000 m3

Total Concreting Volume

30,000 m3

Total Reservoir Volume

200 MCM

Mean Annual Inflow

210 m3/ sec.

Type of Spillway

Morning Glory

Reservoir Area at Normal Operation Level

13.5 km2

Diversion System Type


Normal Operation Level

1440.5 masl

Minimum Operation Level

1420 masl

Maximum Operation Level

1445.5 masl