Polrud Storage Dam


Polrud Storage Dam is being constructed on the River Polrud. It is located in 18 km southwest of the coastal city of Kala Chai in Gilan Province. The project lies just 50°, 17' and 6" east of longitude and 36°, 58' and 48" north of latitude


Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. performed the feasibility studies of Polrud Storage Dam between 1993and 1399. The detail design studies were performed between 2002 and 2005. The detail design studies regarding the heightening the dam and constructing the powerhouse were also carried out by Mahab Ghodss in 2011 to 2012.
The construction contract of Polrud Storage Dam with duration of 66 months was awarded to Khatam-Ol-Anbia Construction Institute in 2010.


The main objectives of Polrud Storage Dam are to supply drinking and agricultural water.

Specific Characteristics

  • Construction of cut-off wall with a depth of maximum 30 m in an alluvial bed in spite of the presence of large boulders with the aim of decreasing the dam earth filling volume
  • Construction of a gallery in approximately 40 m below the riverbed level

Project Specifications

Dam Type

Earth Fill with GC Core

Dam Crest Length (M)


Dam Crest Width (M)


Dam Height from Foundation (M)


Spillway  Type

Gated Chute

Dam Body Volume (m3)


Total Reservoir Volume (MCM)


Reservoir Useful Volume (MCM)


Mean Annual River Discharge (m3/ sec.)


Flood Discharge Capacity (m3/ sec.)