Seymareh Dam & HEPP


Seymareh Dam & HEPP is located in Ilam Province (Southwest of Iran) in about 40 km of the city of Darreh Shahr.


The reconnaissance studies the River Karkheh Tributaries were performed by Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. and Electroconsult Co. in 1990. The preliminary studies of Seymareh Dam & HEPP were finished within 1993-1996. Detail design studies of this project were carried out by Mahab Ghodss and approved the client (IWPC) by 2000. The construction supervision was also awarded to Mahab Ghodss. The dam concrete works were started in 2006 and the dam impoundment was commenced in 2010. The powerhouse units commissioning tests were begun in 2015.


The main objectives of Seymareh Dam & HEPP are to supply water for downstream irrigation consumption, generate hydropower, control river inundations, increase the regulation capacity of the downstream dams, fish breeding, tourism, etc.

Specific Characteristics

  • Dam concreting in about 50 m below the riverbed
  • Excavation in alluvium and pre-grouting through the rock abutments in the course of construction to mitigate seepage in the dam foundation
  • Making use of Top Belt and Rotec Conveyor belts for the dam concreting due to the poor quality of the left abutment rocks instead of cable crane
  • Using Pozzolan cement in the dam body to withstand against alkali reaction

Project Specifications

Dam Type

Concrete Arch Dam

Dam Height Above Foundation

180 m

Dam Crest Length

202 m

Dam Crest Width

6 m

Dam Body Volume

1033000 m3

Total Reservoir Volume

2845 MCM

Mean Annual Inflow

84 m3/ sec.

Type of Spillway

Gated Side Spillway and free spillway on dam body

Flood Discharge Capacity

8370 m3/ sec.

Powerhouse Type


Number of units


Design Head

114 m

Installed Capacity

480 MW

Mean Annual Power Generation

684 GWh