Shirvan Storage Dam


Shirvan Storage Dam is located in North Khorasan Province (northeast of Iran) in about 34 km of the city of Shirvan.


The feasibility studies were carried out by Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. and Stucky Co. in 1970. The detail design studies and construction supervision were conducted by Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co. The main contractor was National Construction Co. The construction period started in 1995 and finished in 2005.


The main objective of Shirvan Storage Dam is to supply water for downstream irrigation consumption. The dam layout consists of a diversion dam, storage dam and tailrace network.

Specific Characteristics

The fault lying under the dam site was found active during the construction period when conducting new tests. A particular design was devised to withstand against the active fault.

Project Specifications

Dam Type

Concrete Arch Dam

Dam Height Above Foundation

83 m

Dam Crest Length

325 m

Dam Crest Width

6 m

Dam Body Volume

1000 m3

Total Reservoir Volume 

92 MCM

Mean Annual Inflow

1.4 m3/ sec.

Type of Spillway

Morning Glory

Flood Discharge Capacity

1020 m3/ sec.

Number of Diversion Tunnel


Diversion System Discharge Capacity

187 m3/ sec.

Capacity of Irrigation Intake

6.2 m3/ sec.

Length of Replacement Roads

12 km

Length of Access Roads

15 km