The First Line of Tabriz Water Supply and Water Treatment

Features of Plan

Water supply facilities from Zarrineh River is one of the infrastructure facilities of east Azerbaijan province which supply the major potable water of Tabriz and several important cities and moreover, the most important industries of province such as power plant and petrochemical of Tabriz and etc. These facilities include transmission lines, pumping stations and treatment which have the duty of purification and conveyance of potable water in rate of five cubic meters per second. Utilization and preservation of these facilities can provide the water of cities such as Tabriz, Azarshahr, Ilkhchi, Shabestar, Bonab, Gugan, Miandoab and etc. and important industries like Sahand thermal power plant, Tabriz thermal power plant, Tabriz petrochemical, Salimi industrial park, alumina plan, and other centers of consumption.

The source of water supply of Zarrineh River and its dewatering is conducted through Norouzlu diversion dam in 10 kilometers to the northeast of Miandoab.

The general outline of services’ description:

  •  Services of planning, determination of implementation method, control of work advancement
  •  Engineering services
  •  Services of work reference
  •  Services of coordination, execution and temporary delivery
  •  Services of quality control
  •  Services of estimation, control, payments and costs, legal affairs of contracts
  •  Services related to the period of experimental operation (guarantee period) and definite delivery

The main components of plan

1 – Main pipeline:

  • Length of transfer line: 177 kilometers
  • Diameter of main line: 1800 and 2000 millimeters
  • Type of pipe: prestressed concrete and spiral steel
  • Maximum pressure on pipe: concrete 15 atmosphere and steel 25 atmosphere

2 –Secondary pipeline:

  • Sum of length of secondary lines: 53/51 kilometers
  • Diameter of secondary pipeline: 500-600 and 700 millimeters
  • Type of pipe: steel, cast iron and cement asbestos

3 – Intake with capacity of 5/5 cubic meters per second

4 – Treatment in Miandoab with capacity of 5 cubic meter per second to 3000 ppm, by the method of purification with clarification and physical and chemical sandy filters

  • Number of rapid mixing unit is 4 and each unit consists of 4 mixing tank
  • Number of clarifier units is 4 and volume of each unit 9500 cubic meters
  • Number of cells in sandy filter is 32 and area of each unit is 75 square meter
  • Consumed chemical materials: ferric chloride 40%, lime, liquid chloride and polyelectrolyte

6 – Pumping stations include 6 stations and consumed electricity is 40 Mega Watt. The height of pumping from Miandoab to Tabriz is 602 meters in head and branch from reservoir 10 in the way of transfer line to Shabestar is 320 meters in head.

7 – Storage reservoirs and adjustment in direction of line is 13 numbers and its volume is 270500 cubic meters.

8 – Cathodic protection system includes 73 stations and 1580 test points.

Purposes of plan

Supplying water to cities of Tabriz, Bonab, Azarshahr and Miandoab have been defined for purposes of plan and regarding the needs of the area, the number of subscribers has reached 44 cases including 25 potable branches and 19 industrial branches at the end of 1394.
Construction Operations and Equipment of Southern Finery of Tehran Sewage

Features of Plan

The southern treatment of Tehran sewage has been located in a ground with nearly 110 hectares in the south of Rey city and it is out of the bounds of 25 year old detailed plan of Tehran and in the vicinity of Tehran-Garmsar-Mashhad railway. Eight treatment modules will be made in this ground and the modules 5 and 6 will be supervised by consultant engineer and modules 1 to 4 is performed by the World Bank and modules 7 and 8 are the studies of phases 1 and 2 conducted at the tender procedures. In the initial plan, the consultant engineer is for a crowd of 1050000 people and including 2 modules of 525000 people. The waste of treatment is used for agriculture and irrigation. The resulted mud will be used as compost in the form of fertilizer in agriculture.

The general outline of services’ description

  • Services of planning, determination of implementation method, control of work advancement
  • Engineering services
  • Services of work reference
  • Services of coordination, execution and temporary delivery
  • Services of quality control
  • Services of estimation, control, payments and costs, legal affairs of contracts
  • Services related to the period of experimental operation (guarantee period) and definite delivery

The main components of plan

  1. Construction Section:

Conducting implementation actions to make a sewage treatment plant unit including land leveling, preparation and landscaping of modules 5 and 6 and in addition, construction operations of all structures relevant to these two modules like excavation (cutting), pile implementation, shuttering, placing steel, concreting, digging trenches and setting tables of culverts.

  1. Equipment Section

The primary design (under control of foreign consultant) and providing maps of executive details, provision, purchase and carrying equipment including all mechanical, electrical works, control and instrumentation, installation, training, experiment and setting up the treatment.

Purposes of Plan

Building two modules of sewage treatment including construction of process and peripheral buildings, landscaping and installing the equipment of treatment.