south wastewater treatment plant of Tehran

Project features

South wastewater treatment plant of Tehran is located in an area of approximately 110 hectares in the south Rey city and outside of the span of Tehran 25-year comprehensive plan. Adjacent to Tehran-Garmsar-Mashhad railway. In this area, eight modules will be built, from which modules 5 and 6 will be monitored by the Consulting Engineers and modules 1 to 4 will be conducted by the World Bank and in modules 7 and 8, studies for 1 and 2 Phases was done and is under tender process. The original plan of consulting engineer is intended for the population of 1,050,000 people and consists of two modules each for 525,000 people. Sewage of treatment plant is used mainly for agriculture and irrigation. The resulting sludge (as compost) will be used as fertilizer in agriculture.

Construction section

Performing operations to construct wastewater treatment plant including land leveling, preparation and landscaping of modules 5 and 6 as well as construction operation of all structures related to two modules such as from excavation, pile implementation, framing, steeling, concrete, digging trenches and setting the levels of waterways.


The initial design (supervised by a foreign consultant) and mapping of operational details, supply, purchase and transportation of equipment including all mechanical, electrical equipment, control and instrumentation, installation, training, testing and commissioning of the plant.


Construction of wastewater treatment plant including the construction of two process and peripheral modules, landscaping and installation of the treatment plant.

Specifications of project

  • The total capacity of the plant: 2 cubic meters per second
  • Number of modules: 2 modules
  • Population Covered: 1050000 people
  • Wastewater treatment method: activated sludge - Conventional aeration
  • Details of treatment: removal of nitrogen and phosphorus

Main units

garbage-remover, grain-remover, primary sedimentation, aeration, secondary sedimentation, disinfection, gravity and mechanical concentration of sludge, sludge mixing and anaerobic digestion of sludge

  • Procedures of Sludge treatment: gravity and mechanical concentration, anaerobic digestion
  • Peripheral Product: biogas and compost