Moragahakanda Reservoir is located on the Amban Ganga River, about 190 km away from the northeast of Colombo of Sri Lanka northeast of the Central Province, close to the provincial boundary between the Central Province and the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.

Type Rock Fill with Clay Core
Dam Height above Foundation (m) 58.7
Dam Crest Length (m) 470.61
Dam Crest Width (m) 8
Total Reservoir Volume (MCM) 520

Saddle Dam 1
Type Roller Compacted Concrete Gravity
Dam Height (m) 56.5
Dam Crest Length (m) 370.5
Dam Crest Width (m) 8
Powerhouse Units 4
Installed Capacity (MW) 25
Total Annual Energy (GWh) 73

Saddle Dam 2
Type Embankment
Dam Height (m) 56.5
Dam Crest Length (m) 275
Dam Crest Width (m) 7


The main objectives of Moragahakanda Dam and Power Plant project are to regulate and control floods and surface runoffs and supply annually 520,000 m3drinking and irrigation water for the downstream lands with total area of 82,000 ha.
Three dams (two embankment dams and one RCC gravity dam) with a common reservoir is one of the outstanding features of this project that is almost unique.