Managing Director's Message

Taking pride and celebrating three decades of successful presence on national and international stages, Mahab Ghodss, as a world’s leading consulting engineering firm is moving forward and expanding into new horizons.
With our proven track record of accomplishments in more than 2000 major infrastructure projects, we offer our Clients a wide range of high quality engineering services for dams, hydropower plants, irrigation and drainage systems, river engineering, water supply and treatment plants for urban and rural areas, wastewater collection systems and recycling plants, roads, tunnels, metro, surface and ground water resources investigation, socio-economic and environmental impact assessments, photogrammetry, surveying, remote sensing and GIS. We are also expanding into new areas of engineering and clean renewable energy.
Commitment to highest engineering quality assurances is embodied within our entire company. It is no surprise that Mahab Ghodss is the top choice of its employers and has been awarded high value contracts for major infrastructure projects in over 25 countries, including but not limited to Iran, Oman, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Equatorial Guinea, Qatar, Albania and Germany. In addition, it has been among short-listed companies in numerous international tenders for World Bank and other development institutions all over the world.
We aim to further expand our international market and assume engineering challenges in the full life cycle of projects: Inception, Reconnaissance, Feasibility, Detailed Design, Field Measurement, Exploratory Investigation, Laboratory Testing, Tendering Process, Construction Supervision and Management as well as Operation, Maintenance, Repairs and Rehabilitation works.
We always rise above the expectations of our valued Clients and that is why Mahab Ghodss has become a trusted consulting engineer and has earned several outstanding awards. This is the result of the hard work of more than 3000 high-calibre and well-experienced engineers, experts and technicians graduated from renowned universities who work in a friendly and fast-paced environment with the state-of-the-art technology, an environment where our employees can excel and reach their full potential.

Our corporate value system revolves around our core principles of social and environmental responsibility for developing sustainable plans. Importance of socio-economic issues, equitable solutions and conservation of natural resources in project areas have led us to adopt a strategy to incorporate and examine these concerns in every major project that we undertake.
We stand firm on our guiding principles; the way we conduct our consulting engineering business is based on understanding and responding to the specific needs of our Clients and adherence to the professional code of conduct. We focus on establishing long-lasting relationship with our valued Clients and at the same time building a mutually beneficial and rewarding partnership with international and local engineering firms.
We hope that you take your time to look over the information presented herein. Even more, we trust that you will soon have a need for one of our services and we look forward to welcoming you on board as one of our valued Clients. Regards.

Nasser Tarkeshdooz
Managing Director

Key success Factors

  • Quality orientation
  • Qualified and experienced people
  • Strategic planning,project management,participative management,quality management,value engineering and management ,financial management
  • Flexibility and agility in developing the required expertise in line with market changes at regional and international levels
  • Rich archive of technical documents, professional library,latest international standards and software
  • Commitment to the contracts, engineering and professional ethics
  • Responding to the requirements of stakeholders
  • Exporting engineering services



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