Water Resources Studies

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Meteorological Studies

  • Estimation of extreme and mean meteorological parameters
  • Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) studies
  • Climate variability and change studies
  • Evaluation of cloud seeding operations

Hydrological Studies

  • Rainfall- runoff modeling
  • Erosion and Sedimentation modeling
  • Frequency Analysis of flood/ Drought
  • Surveys of water chemical quality
  • Study of hydrologic variability and change

Water Resources planning

  • Simulation of Water Resources Systems
  • Optimization of Integrated Water Resources Systems
  • Reservoirs Impact in Terms of Water Regulation Capability inside Study Areas
  • Determination of Energy Generation And Installed Capacity Value in Hydropower Reservoirs Systems and Also Runoff-River and Pumped Storage Power Plants
  • Operation Rule Curve Determination in Single And Multi Reservoir Systems
  • Quality Modeling of dam Reservoirs
  • Integrated Water Resources Management(IWRM)