Environmental Studies

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Environmental Impact Assessment of Developing Projects

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of infrastructural projects such as dams & hydraulic structures, irrigation & drainage networks, thermal & hydropower plants, roads and rail road, development of oil & gas fields, refineries & petrochemical complexes, docks & Oil platforms, industrial factories.
  • Environmental Baseline Surveys (EBS)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Environmental Technology Assessment (EnTA)
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
  • Environmental Management Planning

Designing & Implementation of Monitoring Program and environmental Supervision

  • Designing & Optimizing of Monitoring Networks for Surface Water and Ground Water
  • Sampling and Analysis of Water & Wastewater Samples
  • Supervision and Quality Control of Water Resources Monitoring Operations
  • Monitoring Network Design, Sampling and Analysis of Soil and Sediments
  • Designing and Supervision of Biological Monitoring Plans
  • Designing, Supervision and Quality Control of Air Pollutant Monitoring Plans
  • Designing and Implementation of Noise Level Monitoring Plans

Water Quality Studies

  • Comprehensive studies of Pollution Prevent, Control and Mitigation of Dam Reservoirs, Rivers and Watersheds
  • Water Quality Rehabilitation of Dam reservoirs
  • Water Quality Modeling of Dams, Rivers and Aquifers
  • Water Quality Modeling of Regional Watersheds
  • Risk Assessment and Management of Water Pollution
  • Pollutant Source Assessment and Pollution Load surveys
  • Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability Potential
  • Modeling and Management of Marine Water Quality
  • Modeling of Thermal Pollution in Aquatic Ecosystems for Locating, Planning and Ensuring the Proper Functioning of Outfall in Power Plants and Petrochemical Plants
  • Modeling of Oil Pollution in Marine Ecosystems for Leak Identification, Rapid Response Planning, Pollution Containment and Remediation

Waste Management Studies

  • Integrated Industrial & Sanitary Waste Management
  • Detailed Industrial & Sanitary Waste management Planning
  • Feasibility Study of Biogas Extraction Systems for Sanitary Landfills
  • Supervision of Site Selection, Design and Implementation of Normal and Hazardous Waste Landfills
  • Designing Waste Incinerators
  • Comprehensive Studies and Detailed Design of Compost Production Plants

Control & Reduction of Air Pollution

  • Designing and Implementation of Online Air Pollutants Monitoring Systems for Industrial Emissions through Flare and Stacks
  • Designing and Implementation of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Integrated Management for Urban Air Pollution Control
  • Simulation of Air Pollution Transport and Dispersion
  • Modeling of Wet and Dry Deposition of Air Pollutants
  • Preparing Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) for Air Pollution
  • Aerosol Risk Assessment and Management

Ecosystem Conservation Studies

  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Various Projects concerning Natural Environment
  • Preparation of Ecological Management Programs
  • Designing, Implementation and Supervision of Biological Monitoring Networks
  • Defining Environmental Flows of Aquatic Ecosystems based on the Ecological Approach
  • Integrative and Comprehensive Ecological Studies
  • Water Quality Rehabilitation of Dam Reservoirs and Water Resources using Biological Approaches
  • Rehabilitation Studies and Soil Remediation by Biological Approaches
  • Preparation of Comprehensive Plans and rehabilitation of Destroyed Vegetation Cover using Biological Approaches
  • Defining Biological Boundary of Valuable and Sensitive Ecosystems
  • Comprehensive Studies of Habitat/Protected Ecosystems Management
  • Environmental Education
  • Habitat Suitability Modeling